Brian Stork

Brian Stork is an Emmy-winning video editor offering twenty-two years of experience in the television industry.  The mix of his St. Louis mid-western style with us southerners here at TCG keeps things interesting.

In 1995 Brian received his Bachelors degree in Media Communications from Webster University in St. Louis, MO, and in 1996 moved to Chicago to attend the prestigious Columbia Arts College. He relocated to Florida in 1998 where he worked from 1998-2001 as the head editor on a monthly video magazine for over 2500 martial arts schools around the world with The National Association of Martial Artists. In 2002 the Stork Man edited the Emmy-winning series "Expedition Florida" and has worked on three other "Expedition Florida" pieces over the last seven years, all of them winning numerous Emmy awards.

From 2006-2008 Big Brian was the Head Editor for Sullivan Productions in Tampa, Florida, where he cranked out tons of infomercials for Orange Glo International, Telebrands, Church and Dwight and Arm & Hammer and numerous other gadgets and gizmos AS SEEN ON TV.

Brian's editing skills have been applied to programs for The Food Network, Travel Channel, ESPN, PBS, NBC and CBS Sports, AAA, Publix, Tampa Bay Rays and Lightning...just to name a few. Most importantly (to us) he is the editor for the past three seasons of TCG's award-winning TV series "how to Do florida."

How he takes his orange juice: