Len DePanicis
Director of Program Development

Len, or Lenny, as we call him, is a New Yorker, born in Mt. Vernon, NY, sometime in the last century. Lenny could never decide if he wanted to be an astronaut or a P.E. teacher. Somehow, he decided on filmmaking and broadcasting, and began making ballet films while in school. His claim to fame was making a world famous ballerina walk off stage during her performance. The chatter of his camera when he was filming backstage distracted her. Nonetheless, he says the security guards who escorted him out of the auditorium were nice.

Lenny eventually left Minneapolis and went to Salt Lake City, Utah to start a show called PM Magazine. It was the highest rated show in that time period. After his adventures there, Len also worked in New York, LA, and D.C., eventually making it to Orlando. Here he started up a production company within the CBS affiliate, producing a ton of syndicated TV shows and winning a few Emmys along the way. After leaving the television station, he was hired by Universal Orlando, where he produced four Universal Orlando syndicated specials for NBC Universal. Soon after, Chad hired Lenny to bring his vast knowledge of syndicated television to the group. Currently Lenny heads program development where he works on…developing television programming.

How he takes his orange juice: